Friday, April 29, 2011

Regret of April '2011

Can you believe April is just about over and May is coming? It feels like the year just started...where did the months go? Any-who, I have a regret for April and that is not getting this gift with purchase from nordstroms. They had it early in the month I believe and it was yours free with a $100.00 beauty purchase. At the time I didn't want to buy things I didn't really need just to get a gift and sure enough I ended up buying a few things later that would have added up to $100. First my Lancome mascara dried out, then my face started breaking out so I needed some moisturizer from Clinique and now my eye cream is out. Had I kept track of this and paid more attention I could have gotten all these goodies!! Oh well, lesson learned. Ttyl

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bebe Rompers

Viper Pleated Romper

Off Shoulder Printed Romper

Kimono Tie Woven Romper

Wear-To-Work Printed Romper

Bebe has got some of the cutest rompers in right now for Spring / Summer '2011. I want them all!! I love rompers for warm weather, they are comfortable, cute, and simple. Some people would say the price of these Bebe rompers is too much but i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Me myself, i say if you have the money and it's not going to set you back financially go for it!! Just make sure you get plenty of uses out of it. Mix up your accessories, change your hairstyle, make it casual, dressy, add a blazer.....etc. But if you are looking for a bang for your buck and need to make your money really stretch they have some equally cute rompers at Forever21. You could probably get 4-5 for the price of 1 at Bebe. Hmmm.... I think that will be my next post ttyl.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Macy's Friends & Family 25% off!!

Hey! Hey! Heyy!! Guess what starts today???.....yup that's right Macy's Friends & Family. Use coupon code MACYSFF online and get 25% off (exclusions apply as always..sad face). I've got a few things I've been keeping an eye on but I am on a hunt for cute summer sandals I'll post up if I end up getting anything.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

YouTube Gurus Pet Peeves

Okay maybe this picture i chose is a bit much but there is two things that really annoy me when watching beauty gurus on YouTube. One is dirty nails or jacked up nail polish and the other is dirty neglected makeup or beauty products. I think that if you are going to record yourself and post it up online for people to see you should at the very least have clean nails because that's just plain gross. The jacked up nail polish part isn't as bad but I do think a clean bare buffed nail looks better any day. I do think it looks gross though when girls have way over grown acrylic nails, just take those fuckers off!!! ....yucky!!!!

It really bugs me when gurus are showing off beauty products and they look filthy and nasty!! I understand that there's going to be some wear and tare but when they pull out a product that looks like they found it in the trash it really makes me wonder of their overall habits. And as far as fake or annoying gurus there's a simple solution...just don't watch it :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jessica Simpson Neon Pumps

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Macy' and seen these Jessica Simpson multi-colored neon pumps. It wasn't love at first sight but there was something about them that grabbed my attention. I kept trying to picture them on me and how they might feel but I couldn't get the full picture because I had no idea what I would wear them with. Just the other day I was looking through a photo gallery of a club I had gone to and I seen a pic of a girl wearing a different pair of multi-colored neon pumps that I instantly loved! Her dress of choice did no justice to the heels but that's another story.

They were the exact same color pattern as the J.S. ones so I figured they were the same brand and found them easily online. I still don't know what I would wear with them but I am totally lusting over these heels!! I'm pretty sure I would pair it with something simple, black, white solid colors and definitely a hot pink lip. I think Neon is in right now and I'm going to keep my eye out for it. Any neon things out there you have your eye on?

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