Monday, March 21, 2011

YouTube Gurus Pet Peeves

Okay maybe this picture i chose is a bit much but there is two things that really annoy me when watching beauty gurus on YouTube. One is dirty nails or jacked up nail polish and the other is dirty neglected makeup or beauty products. I think that if you are going to record yourself and post it up online for people to see you should at the very least have clean nails because that's just plain gross. The jacked up nail polish part isn't as bad but I do think a clean bare buffed nail looks better any day. I do think it looks gross though when girls have way over grown acrylic nails, just take those fuckers off!!! ....yucky!!!!

It really bugs me when gurus are showing off beauty products and they look filthy and nasty!! I understand that there's going to be some wear and tare but when they pull out a product that looks like they found it in the trash it really makes me wonder of their overall habits. And as far as fake or annoying gurus there's a simple solution...just don't watch it :)

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