Friday, April 29, 2011

Regret of April '2011

Can you believe April is just about over and May is coming? It feels like the year just started...where did the months go? Any-who, I have a regret for April and that is not getting this gift with purchase from nordstroms. They had it early in the month I believe and it was yours free with a $100.00 beauty purchase. At the time I didn't want to buy things I didn't really need just to get a gift and sure enough I ended up buying a few things later that would have added up to $100. First my Lancome mascara dried out, then my face started breaking out so I needed some moisturizer from Clinique and now my eye cream is out. Had I kept track of this and paid more attention I could have gotten all these goodies!! Oh well, lesson learned. Ttyl

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